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About MIT Hacking Medicine Hackathon
in Athens

The first MIT Hacking Medicine Hackathon Athens –collaboration between MIT Hacking Medicine, eHealth Forum and Biomimicry Greece Research & Innovation– concluded on Sunday, Feb. 24.

The teams presented innovative solutions to promote Health Literacy using the most influential health communication models currently available. 

Our winning teams

First prize, 1000 euros:

L.E.A.S.H. (Learn Engage Act Support Help) – sponsored by Pfizer Hellas. 

The team studied the problem of underdiagnosed depression and generalised anxiety disorder, and proposed a web platform & app to improve early diagnosis of depression and GAD, as well as access to mental health services. The platform aims to improve the knowledge about these disorders and thus fight the isolation and stigma depression and GAD sufferers are facing. Both economy and society will benefit from the solution: patients will remain active and functional, for their personal benefit and the community’s, while costs for healthcare will fall. 

Second prize, 800 euros:

CardioMinitor – sponsored by Interamerican. 

The solution proposed will shorten post-operative hospital stay for cardiological (CHD) patients, resulting in significant cost reduction. This is achieved by remote patient monitoring and medical data transfer through smartphone. The physician remotely monitors the patient data; he/she evaluates the clinical condition and intervenes if necessary. 

Third prize: Mentoring offered by the Athens Startup Business Incubator (Th.E.A.):


VacciNation is a mobile app that provides access to reliable and easy to understand vaccine-related information and aims at greater adherence to vaccination. The app targets parents/caregivers and helps to keep track of adult and children vaccinations through reminders.